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Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant is a multinational restaurant chain with head office in Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S. They are popular to serve authentic chicken wings and other food items. Bwwlistens having more than 1700 outlets throughout the USA. They achieved this level by conducting Bwwlistens or buffalo wild wings surveys. This is like customer relation and the guests have to answer survey questions online. It is about their feedback on the last visit to the BWW restaurant. Instead, the survey participant gets the buffalo wild wings rewards. It is a $5 redeemable coupon. In this guide, we have mentioned BWW listens prerequisites, rules, and how to take part in buffalo wild wings customer satisfaction survey.

Know About bwwlistens Survey Prerequisites 


The buffalo wild wings customer must be 18+ to participate in buffalo wild wings customer satisfaction survey. Anyone found impersonating would be rejected.


The buffalo wild wings customer must be a legal resident of the USA to take part in the bwwlistens survey. Others must not try this food survey.

Purchase Receipt

A purchase receipt of any amount from any of the buffalo wild wings is necessary. This is to participate in buffalo wild wings customer satisfaction survey. The receipt contains a 16-digit survey code.

Computer & Internet

bwwlistens is an online survey through the wild wings survey website. Therefore, you need a computer, laptop, or Smartphone to take part in bwwlistens survey.

Contact Details

The wild wings customer satisfaction survey participants must have a valid address, email ID, and phone number. This is to enter after answering the survey questions and to complete the bwwlistens customer survey. The company will keep in your contact details confidential. This you can read in BWW privacy policy, term, and condition.

Know About bwwlistens Survey Rules 

Entry Limit

As of now, there are no entry limits to take part in a buffalo wild wings customer survey.

Entry Methods

The bww customer satisfaction survey is available online only. This is through the official buffalo wild wings website only.


Your purchase receipt with a 16-digit survey code is necessary to enter bwwlistenscom survey. The receipt is valid for 2-days from the date of purchase to enter buffalo wild wings customer survey. Your receipt is non-transferable. A receipt is valid for a one-time survey only. The purchase receipt is valid to take from BWW direct restaurants and its franchises within the US territory.


The survey prizes are with a redemption code. You can use this redemption validation code at the cash counter for $ 5 purchase at any of the BWW restaurants in the USA. You must claim the prize within 14-days from the date of purchase.  Either, buffalo wild wings rewards are not available in cash prize. Either, a winner cannot take cash in exchange for a redeemable coupon.

Buffalo Wild Wings Staffs and Relatives

As of now, the eligibility criteria do not permit the Buffalo Wild Wings Staffs and Relatives to enter the official buffalo food surveys. It is illegal to personate and complete the survey with the intention to discount coupons or survey coupons.

How to participate in the bwwlistens survey?

We hope you would have read the survey instructions thoroughly. You must also read the instructions on the homepage. Now, follow the step-by-step methods to participate in wild wings customer satisfaction survey.

First, visit

Now, you will be on the homepage where you have to enter the 16-digit survey code as printed on your buffalo wild wings purchase receipt and press start. homepage

Here, you will be on buffalo wild wings customer survey questions. Now, answer the survey questions honestly as per the last visit to the BWW restaurant. The survey questions are mostly related to hospitality services, cleanliness, food quality, and price. Your suggestion if any at the end of the bwwlistens survey is welcome.

After answering all wild wings customer satisfaction survey questions, you have to enter your contact details. This is to complete the BWWlistens survey.

After entering the finish button, you will get a redemption code. You have to note it down on your receipt to redeem them at any of the BWW restaurants within fourteen days.

Survey Page Not Working

The official buffalo wild wings survey website is Sometimes, this site may not work if there is an internet connectivity issue or slowness issue at present at your end. Meanwhile, you must not land on any other food surveys. This is because; there are many fake survey websites. It is advisable to wait for some time and try again. Your half-entered survey will not be saved. In case of any page not found errors, you have to check after a few hours later.

bwwlistens Survey Winners 

BWW customer survey winners are either a first-time guest or a regular BWW customer. Many of them are regular customers as they like their food quality, services, and restaurant ambiance. You can find many of the BBW listens survey winners redeeming their coupons. The company is transparent and bww rewards are granted to the right survey participants. They do a review about bwwlistens and post them in his or her social media sites too. Who knows you will be the next winner.


Most often, many foodies think that bwwlistens is a scam. Yet, such people must read the bwwlistens reviews online first before thinking it is an online scam. You will be wondering to know that BWW has excellent reviews, rating, and ranking by thousands of regular and first-time guests. BBW restaurants do update and reply to their reviewed customers in anticipations. This is why they are number one in the restaurant industry and expanding their business.

Final Words

If you have not tired at any of the BWW restaurants, you must try once and take part in BWWlistens survey. Answering the survey questions takes a few minutes only. It will be great to redeem buffalo wild wings rewards and try their signature chicken wings and beer. We hope this guide to this food survey is helpful to you.

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