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Chick Fil A is a renowned retail chain of restaurants in the USA. They serve dishes made of Chicken like Chickfila sandwich, delicious chicken dwarf grill, and local Chickfila. Their signature food is Chicken Sandwich. They have been into the food industry since the year 1946. Today, they have more than 2000 restaurants across the USA as a restaurant chain. They made this happen by conducting a customer satisfaction survey. This has improved their business by getting customers’ feedback. They do reward their customers with a free chicken sandwich. Here, we have discussed about Chick Fil A survey rules, its eligibility criteria, and to take in this survey online.

chick fil a survey without serial number

Know About the Survey Rules

Chick Fil A is the sole company to set the questioner and other rules. The changes are always published on their official website Here we have discussed the latest updates.

 Age Limit

He or she must be 18-years old to take part in this survey.

Participants Nationality

He or she must be a US national.

 Chick Fil A Receipt

You must have a Chick Fil A food receipt or bill with a survey code. This bill is valid for 2-days only or 48-hours from the date of the bill. Next, go online and participate in the survey. You will get a receipt with an invitation code when you have food at Chick Fil A restaurant.


It would help if you had an internet-connected computer or laptop to visit the survey page online and fill the survey form.

A Valid E-mail ID and Phone Number

To receive the code for redemption, you need a valid and active e-mail ID. Chick Fil A replies to the winner over the mail. You need a working phone number to enter the credential column.

No to Chick Fil A Staffs and Family Members

As per the Chick-Fil-A company policy, they will not entertain any of their staff and their family members to participate in this survey.

How to participate in this survey?

Chickfila restaurants customers can take part in the Chickfila customer experience survey via a survey at wwwmycfavisitcom. Here, wwwmycfavisitcom survey is the authorized or online partner for Chickfila customer survey. If you are eligible, you can follow the below-mentioned steps online.

chick fil a survey without serial number

First, be ready with a system and food receipt with a survey code to participate in the mycfavisit for Chickfila survey

Now, visit

Here, you have to take Chick Fil A survey at wwwmycfavisitcom

  • You can find the page showing selects a language. You can choose English or Spanish.
  • After selecting your language, you will be on the survey code entry page.
  • Now, enter the 22-digit code and click the start button.

Here, you can fill the questioners. Now, answer the mycfavisit survey questions honestly.

When you complete the survey, you will get a validation code. This you have to write at the bottom of your food receipt.

Press finish button after the completion of the questioner.

The redeem code will be sent to your e-mail ID. It hardly takes 5-minutes to fill this survey form online. If your typing speed is average, it can take at least 10-minutes. The question will be based on their food quality, service, staff behaviour, and overall restaurant qualities.

You have to save your receipt until you visit Chickfila next time after attempting the customer experience surveys.

Wwwmycfavisitcom Survey Rewards

Mycfavisit survey prizes are with free food, discounts on Chickfila products. You can expect survey rewards with sweepstakes points. They give survey prizes as free credits. The Chickfila sweepstake have the rights to change its rewards and prices.

Chick Fil A Survey Page Not Working

There are very fewer chances to get an error page on If at all, you have to wait for some time and retry later. Meanwhile, it would help if you did not land on any third-party links. This can be a scam website. Chick Fil A is not responsible if you do this survey on any other website than their official website. Mycfavisit contact details are 1 866 232 1040 and inform me about the website issue. You can also contact Chickfilas customer care team. We hope the mycfavisit customer team and Chickfilas support team respond to your survey details with a higher satisfaction level.

Chick Fil A Survey Winners

There are many first-time visitors to Chick Fil A, who have won a free chicken sandwich. However, there are many regular customers too, who often visit to redeem their prize. You can check the list of winners of Chick Fil A survey from their official website. They do a fair survey and announce the winner regularly within the timeframe. However, the winners made us of the invitation printed on your receipt. Next time you visit Chickfila restaurant, it is advisable to check your bill.

Chick Fil A Survey Reviews 

If you are not aware of Chick Fil A, it is advisable to read some reviews on them. These are the reviews from the real-time customers. Those people have filled negative and positive feedback too. It is not always that you rate them to get a free chicken sandwich.

Chick Fil A survey has had so far going on with excellent reviews. This is how they respect their customers. They provide those food qualities, services, facilities, and amenities as desired by their customers. All these are happening due to the feedback or suggestion provided by their walk-in customers and regular customers. So next time you visit a Chick Fil A restaurant, the Chick Fil A food receipt can earn a free chicken food.

Final Words

Purpose of mycfavisit survey is to customer feedback and implements them as customers experience his or her customer surveys are taken care of by the company. By conducting experience surveys through this survey, website has improved the quality of food, customer service, environment, product, and services. In this way, they believe the customers are king.

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  1. I wanted to comment on my experience but I didn’t receive a receipt. I go to this particular restaurant at least 4-5 times a week. I often do not receive a receipt. The comment I wanted to make is about the kale crunch side. The superfood side was much better!

  2. no serial number on the receipt.

    Chick-fil-A customer service is a complete joke both online and in-person.
    Site location provides the wrong order, cold fries and won’t exact responsibility or replace the meal within a descent time frame.

    Not sure which is more ridiculous the horrible customer service at the store, or the online survey that no one can take because the store does not provide a serial number to complete this corny survey.

  3. I received a notification from my CFA app to complete the survey (about a visit today) for a free sandwich, but there was not a serial number on my receipt. ???


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