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CVS Health is a renowned name in the USA for its retail chain of pharmacy stores. They are in the retail health care industry since the year 1996. Today they have more than 8,000 stores and more than 2, 00,000 employees on CVS payroll. They have reached this level by conducting a CVS health survey. Those feedbacks by their customers have made them facilitate customer needs. They do reward their customers with $10 to $1,000 prizes.

The winners can purchase that must worth health care products from any of the CVS stores. Here, we have discussed how to participate in the CVS survey, CVS eligibility criteria, and how to do it online.

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Know About CVS health Survey Rules

CVS Health care is a major company and listed on Fortune 500 company list in the USA. Their campaign or promotions have certain rules. Here we have mentioned the guest satisfaction survey.

Age Limit to enroll for CVS Health Survey

He or she must be 18-years and above.


US citizens can only participate in this survey to win a prize.

Restricted to CVS health staffs

No CVS Health staff can participate in this survey.

CVS Health Receipt

The eligible person must personally visit a nearby CVS pharmacy and buy some products. He or she will get a receipt or bill with a survey code. You must retain the bill until you win a prize. The CVS receipt is valid for a one-time survey only. One person can participate at one time only in a month.

Internet-enabled Gadget

This is an online survey. You need a Smartphone, laptop, home PC, or a tablet to go online and fill the survey form.

How to participate in this survey 

After checking the eligibility, you can proceed further in the below-mentioned steps to fill the online survey.

First, be ready with your CVS health receipt and the internet-enabled devices.

cvs customer service

  • Select your preferred language as English or Spanish and press the continue button.
  • Enter the survey ID number, which is on your bill. This is a 17-digit number press the continue button.

cvs survey for extra bucks

  • Now, you will land on the survey page.

Read the questions carefully and answer as per your experience at the store.

After filling in all the questioners, your ID will be saved by the company.

You will be intimated if you are a prize winner.

The CVS health survey keeps your feedback with the utmost confidentiality.

Survey Page Not Working

Sometimes, you may not be able to access In such a case you must wait for some time and try later. However, it is not advisable to log in from other web links. This can be a scam site, which will take your credentials and you may come under online fraud. CVS is not responsible for any loss or any means of cheating from a third-party website. In case of any website error, you must call Technical support: 1-888-607-4287 and report the issue. CVS health’s customer care number is 1-800-746-7287. You can call and know when the website will be functional.

CVS Health Survey Winners 

There are many happy customers on the list of winners for 2021. They are either the first-time customer. You can check this from the company’s official website They are transparent and follow the best practices in the health care industry.

CVS Health Survey Reviews 

You can find many reviews on CVS health. However, checking their survey reviews will benefit you more as they are real-time customers. Reading the CVS health survey reviews is the best for those who do not know about CVS Health or never visited before. It is advisable to check and find a nearby store in your area.

CVS Health survey as part of their business improvement program by taking care of customer suggestions. They do implement them in a short time. They do reward their customers by giving prizes. In this way, they are the leading retail chain in the USA serving wellness and wellness products.

Apart from medicines, you can buy other beauty care products too. Next time you have to buy medicines, visit CVS health and make use of the receipt.

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  1. When I go to the CVS survey website I got so many options it was totally confusing. I like to shop there when I have coupons. However, my main complaint is I never received the amount of discount for the coupon I walk in with. Way too many exclusions.
    On June 30, I had a 30% off coupon and according to the receipt I only got 11% off my total. Often too, the price I pay is not what the item price indicated when I took it off the shelf. I don’t need this grief. I will not shop there regularly

    Ocala, Fl store 6042 SW Hwy 200. Survey ID 54291299783268464

  2. Nice people. Prices can very very different from online prices.
    I bought a two things, one on them was $10 more expensive at cvs and the other one $8 more. I would be ok with $2-3 dollar more. But $10 it’s a lot.


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