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The five below is a popular discount retail store in the USA. It is an initiative by Zany Brainy to serve the teenagers with their toys, gifts, stationeries, and accessories with a significant discount. All these items you can buy within $ 5 and below. This is how the name is derived from this shop. Next time you visit this store, then save your receipt and participate in five below customer experience survey. Here we have discussed the survey details like five below survey sweepstakes rules and prerequisites. We have also mentioned how to participate in fivebelowsurvey are as follows.

Know About fivebelowsurvey Prerequisites

The five below customer survey participants must be 18-years above.


He or she must be a US or Canada nationals to take part in five below customer satisfaction survey.


He or she must know read and write English or Spanish to participate in the survey via mailing or

Purchase Receipt

A recent purchase receipt is necessary to take part in fivebelowsurvey sweepstakes. Yet, this is not necessary if you wish to participate via mailing.

Computer & Internet is the online option to complete the survey. Therefore, you need any of the internet-enabled devices like a Smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Contact Details

Your contact details are necessary to take part in five below customer survey. Here, you need a valid address, phone number, and email ID.

Know About five below survey Rules 

Entry Limit

Entry per person is limited to one time in a month. Therefore, a person can try 12-times in a year to win five below gift card.

Entry Method

You can official five guest satisfaction surveys online and mailing.


You need a purchase receipt from any of the five below store. This is because you need to select the store location and the place to enter online and participate in five below guest experience survey. Your receipt is valid for seven days only to complete five below store customer feedback surveys.


Five below gift card is the only prize available by the winners of five below store sweepstakes drawings. Its sweepstakes period is 30-days. Chance to win is one person per month in a month is only one. Five below sweepstakes never promise you cash prize in exchange for gift cards. The five below gift card is non-transferable.

Staffs and Relatives

As of now, the official rules of five below store employees and their relatives cannot take part in five below customer experience surveys. Personating by any means and participating in the survey is void where prohibited by the company.

How to participate in fivebelowsurvey ?

We hope you would have read the sweepstakes rules and survey rules. Now you can follow the step-by-step methods to complete the five below customer feedback surveys.

Enter fivebelow survey by Online

First, be prepared with your receipt, contact details, and an internet-enabled device.

fivebelowsurvey site

  • Now, visit official five below guest survey
  • On the home page, you have to select your language as English or Spanish.
  • Next, you have to select the store and the location and press the next button.
  • Here, you have to enter your valid email ID and start to proceed to take five below customer feedback survey.
  • Now, you have to answer the five below survey. You have to answer honestly as a fivebelow guest that too as per your last visit experience.
  • When you have completed the survey, you will get a survey code. This is your gift voucher or survey prize, in which you can buy $ 100 worth items from any of the five below stores.

Enter customer five below satisfaction survey by Mailing

You need to take a 3*5 paper and write your full name contact number and email ID and send it to the below-mentioned address with a self-addressed envelope.

Contact Five Below Survey Sweepstakes

Survey Sweepstakes

C/o Stella Service

No 75 Broad St., Suite.1010

New York, NY 10004

They will send you the five below customer feedback survey questioner. You have to resend once again after answering the survey questions. This is the best for the customers who are unable to do it online. Yet, you must not try mailing and online as the company will reject any one of the entries in a month.

survey Page Not Working

The official survey site is Sometime they may show error page if there are internet connectivity issues at your end. Meantime, you must not enter any food surveys or grand prize retail surveys. In case, any technical errors come while answering customer’s feedback questions, and you have to contact the below-mentioned number.

Fivebelowsurvey Contact Number: 844-452-3569

fivebelowsurvey Winners 

Five below sweepstakes prize is gift voucher $ 100 only. The company announces the potential winners monthly or within the sweepstakes period. If you have any doubts, you can mail and get the list of potential winners by mailing to the below-mentioned address.

Sweepstakes Entry

C/o Stella Service

No. 75 Broad St.Suite 1010

New York, NY 10004

They are transparent and follow the best practice in customer relationships. For this sake, they are not entering their staff and their relatives and friends to participate in this store survey.


Fivebelowsurvey potential winners have reviewed this survey to win gift vouchers. By this, you can find this is not an online scam. Many of the customer’s feedback is from real-time five below store guests. It is advisable to read some online reviews and visit this store if you have not tried yet.

Final Words

If you are a regular customer of five below, then you have to try Fivebelowsurvey if you are not aware of it. You can get gift cards monthly by participating in the survey. You can click these fivebelowsurvey reference links. This is a great way to shop in this store with a $ 100 gift vouchers. You can come out with dozens of articles and gift items from this discount store.

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