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Checkers Drive-in Restaurants INC is a renowned chain of restaurants in the USA. In short, they are known as Checkers and Rallys for the past 34-years. They have survived to this distance with a vast competition in the food industry by conducting the guestobsessed survey.

Checkers and Rally’s customers do this survey. The company has improved as per the suggestion by the Guest-obsessed survey customers. The participants of the checkers and Rally’s survey have a chance to win a Rallys coupon. Here, we have discussed the guest-obsessed survey guide. It is about guest-obsessed customer satisfaction survey rules, how to participate in online and reviews.

Know About Guestobsessed Survey Rules 


He or she must be above 18-years old to participate in Rallys guest obsessed survey.


You must be a US national to take part in checkers and Rally’s customer survey.

Number of Entries

There is no entry limit to take part in Rallys customer satisfaction survey. Yet, one person can participate one time with a receipt only. Trying multiple times in a month will be automatically rejected.

Contact Details

The guest obsessed survey participants must have a valid address, phone number, and email ID. You need to enter these contact details to complete successfully the checkers and Rally’s restaurant survey.

Internet & Computer/Smartphone

Rallys customer satisfaction survey is through Therefore, you need any internet-enabled devices to take part in this survey.


Rallys receipt is the guest obsessed survey invitation. You must save the receipt of recently visited Rally’s restaurant. This is because you need to enter store code, date, time and check number printed on your receipt. The Rallys customers must use his or her receipt within 30-days to take part in checkers and Rally’s guest survey. The food receipt is non-transferable too. You can get a receipt from its drive-thru restaurant.


As of now, the checker’s food surveys do not give cash prizes. Instead, winners of the guest-obsessed survey redeem the offer printed or the validation code. You must redeem the checker’s coupon for food items available in the restaurant. Either you win a free sandwich. This is a sandwich coupon or Rally’s coupons after a win. The winner must redeem the coupon within 30-days.

Employees and relatives of checkers and Rally’s restaurant

As of now, the employees and relatives of checkers and Rally’s restaurant cannot take part in the Guest-obsessed Survey. Any means of impersonating will be directly rejected without giving any notice.

How to participate in the Guestobsessed Survey?

As of now, the guest-obsessed survey is available online only. It is advisable to read checkers’ drive-in restaurants survey instructions carefully before the Rally’s survey start. Now, be ready with your receipt, computer, and contact details to start the survey online.

  •         First, Visit
  •         Now, you will be on the survey homepage. Here, you have to select the language as English or Spanish.
  •         After selecting your language, you will land on the Rallys guest customer survey page.
  •         Here, you have to enter the following details printed on your receipt, which is having a survey code or invitation.
  • Store Code
  • Date
  • Time
  • Check Number

guestobsessed phone number

Next, you will be on Rally’s restaurant’s customer experience survey questing and answer page.

  •         Now answer the survey questions honestly or speak your mind to start a survey as per the visiting experience in checkers drive-in restaurant.
  •         After completing the survey questions, you have to enter your contact details before submitting them online.
  •         When you have completed the Rally’s survey, you will get a validation code.

Survey Page Not Working survey is the official survey website of checkers and Rally’s restaurant. The customer satisfaction survey page may show errors when there is slowness in internet contention at your end. Yet, if any site related issue is found with the company end, you must contact checkers and Rallys.

Checkers and Rally’s customer care No. 1-844-334-4944

Checkers and Rally’s Contact Address

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc

No. 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600 Tampa

FL 33607 United States

In case of such issues, you have to wait and try again later. You have entered the survey will not be saved. Therefore, you can try again later. During this time, you must not enter into any other survey page showing cash prize for taking part via www.guestobsessedcom survey online.

Guestobsessed Survey Winners 

Visiting checkers does not guarantee survey rewards for all guests. Yet, you can find a winner getting free any of these food items like burgers, chicken, fish, French fries, hot dogs, hot wings, shakes, and soft drinks. They may be a first time customer or regular customers who visit checkers. They are also satisfied to see their timely feedback. The company would have implemented them on the next visit to checkers by that customer. In this way, the chances of a win free sandwich coupon are monthly for every guest visiting this restaurant chain. They do post Rallys guest-obsessed surveys in his or her social media posts.

Survey Reviews

If you have not tired Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, then visit checkers, which are having 900 outlets within the states. You must read some online customer experience surveys too. By this, you will know the guest-obsessed survey is not a scam. They are the original reviews from those guests, who are ready to speak what they have experienced in that restaurant.

These are about food, quality, pricing, hospitality services, and cleanliness. This is what a new customer may expect before visiting Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. You can find only good reviews of excellent ratings and rank for this food industry service provider.

Final Words

Visit checkers if you have not tried this restaurant yet. Who knows you might be the next winner in the guest-obsessed survey. You can win a free burger. Hence, you can become a repeat guest and try your luck every month. This is the best way to try various varieties of food items present in Checkers Drive-in Restaurants INC across the USA.

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