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Smoothie King Franchise, Inc is a renowned store providing healthy smoothies. The Smoothie King Outlet offer shake shack with a healthy rewards program too. They are now with 900-stores worldwide within four decades in business. They achieved this by conducting the Smoothie King Feedback survey by its Smoothie King customers itself. Their timely feedback was useful to improve their quality of smoothies, services, and overall ambiance of the store.

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Smoothie King Reward its food survey participants with a $1 discount by visiting Smoothie Kingstore after winning the customer feedback survey. Here, we have discussed how to get guest surveys validation code from Smoothie King Website, guest satisfaction survey rules, and rewards program.

Know About Smoothie King Feedback Rules

Age Limit

The Smoothie King Customer feedback survey participants must be at least 18-years old and above.


Smoothie King Franchises, Inc is present in the USA, Cuba, and Korea. These countries’ citizens can take part in the king guest experience survey.

Purchase Receipt

A Smoothie King Store purchase receipt is necessary to do an online guest satisfaction survey. The validity of a receipt is for one month from its date only. The amount printed on your receipt is not considered at all by survey rewards.

Personal Credentials

Smoothie King Survey participants must have a valid e-mail ID, phone number, and mailing address. This is necessary for the Smoothie King Store to contact the winners.

Computer and Internet Connection

One must complete the Smoothie King survey on Therefore, one needs a computer, laptop, or a Smartphone with an internet connection.  

Staffs and associates of Smoothie King Franchise

Speak your mind Smoothie King Store survey is not entertained to its employees, family members, and its associates.

Entry method & Limits

 Every 15-day a Smoothie King Guest can take part in the Smoothie King Guest satisfaction survey. Either one guest can participate twice a month with different bills.


Smoothie King healthy rewards are available with $1 discounts for the Smoothie King Satisfaction survey winners. The prize is non-transferable.

Smoothie King Customer feedback rules are subject to changes. It is advisable to read the official survey portal on terms, conditions, and privacy policy before participating in the Smoothie King Feedback survey.

How to participate in the Smoothie King Customer satisfaction survey?

  • First, be prepared with your time, a laptop, Smoothie King Receipt and with contact details.
  • Now, visit survey
  • Then, select your preferred language to English or Spanish and click next.
  • Now, you will be in Smoothie King Receipt details as mentioned below.

www smoothiekingfeedback survey

Store number, date, and time

  • After accepting your receipt, you will land on the survey question and answer page.
  • Now, click start and give honest answers as per your visit to Smoothie King Store.
  • After answering the survey questions, you will be asked to give your contact details.
  • Your Smoothie King Feedback survey will be completed as soon as you fill in your contact details and submit them.
  • You will get a validation code, which you have to write it down on your Smoothie King receipt.

He or she can redeem the offer printed on the receipt by visiting a Smoothie King during the store hours. However, you must win the survey.

Website Showing Error Page

Sometimes, you may get an error page while on This can be due to slowness in your internet connection. Meanwhile, you must not visit any reference links. Smoothie King Franchise, Inc is not responsible for such customer experience. You can enter an online scam by giving your detail on a third-party site. You must ready to speak with customer care number 888-472-1957.

Smoothie King Guest Satisfaction Survey Winners

If you have not contacted Smoothie King Store, you must visit once. There you can find at least one guest receiving a $1 discount. He or she is a real Smoothie King Store survey winner. They may be a first-time customer or a regular customer.

Customers Reviews on Feedback Survey

If you have not visited a Smoothie King Store, it is advisable to read some reviews on them. This will make sure, they are not a scam. They conduct the Smoothie King Feedback survey transparently. You can find many excellent remarks and reviews related to its customer survey program.

It is advisable to visit a Smoothie King near your area. Participants must save that receipt to participate in official Smoothie King Customer surveys monthly twice. You can do this within a few minutes by entering the date and time printed on the receipt. The participant must click start Smoothie King Website survey to generate a valid code this is to redeem $1 from a Smoothie King Store.

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