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The Fresh Market Store is a renowned chain of a fresh grocery store in the USA. They sell farm-fresh vegetables and garden-fresh fruits. As of now, they have more than 150 stores in the US. They have 13,000 staff in its payroll. All they have achieved this is by conducting thefreshmarketsurvey.

This is like any other shopper’s voice or store feedback survey by retailer. They do reward the survey participants with a $500 gift card. Here, we have mentioned fresh market survey rules, eligibility and how to participate online and via mail.

Know About thefreshmarketsurvey Rules

Age Limit

The fresh market customer experience survey participant must be at least 18-years of old.


He or she must be a US national to participate in the fresh market customer satisfaction survey.

Personal Credentials

The fresh market customer satisfaction survey participants must give his or her valid contact number, E-mail ID, date of birth, and address to complete the survey online and offline. This is required to intimate gift card sweepstakes winners. Your contact details will be kept confidential. They will not use for any other marketing purposes.

Computer & Internet

A computer, laptop or a Smartphone with an internet connection is necessary to take part in fresh market customer satisfaction survey online.

Purchase Requirement

7 is necessary for the online entry method. A fresh market receipt of any amount is necessary to take part in thefreshmarketsurveycom survey. Yet, the mail-in participant need not have a receipt to participate in Fresh Market Store survey sweepstakes.

Entry Period

A fresh market customer experience survey participant can enter in thefreshmarketsurvey sweepstakes monthly once only with a bill or without a bill.

Entry Method

Thefreshmarketsurvey sweepstakes allow its customers to take part in its online survey ( and a survey by mail. The multiple entries will get rejected automatically or will not be entertained.

Fresh Market Survey Prizes

The sweepstakes give gift card prize worth $500 to its fresh market customer survey winners. A winner cannot claim his or her gift card prize if they lost the receipt.

The Fresh Market Employees Family Members & Associates

As of now, the fresh market employee’s family members and its associates cannot participate in fresh market customer experience survey sweepstakes. This is as per the official rules of the Fresh Market Store.

The official fresh market survey sweepstakes rules are subject to changes. The participants must abide by its survey rules. It is advisable to read the terms, conditions and privacy policy in thefreshmarketcom survey. You can also read survey details on their survey official website

How to participate in the fresh market customer experience survey?

Mail-in or via Post

First, buy a postcard and write down the below-mentioned details.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Phone Number

You must post this card to fresh market survey contact details as follows.

The Fresh Market Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes,

PO Box 16470,

Rochester, NY 14616.

They will anticipate your request via post within the survey period of that month. A guest per month entry via post is eligible to enter fresh market sweepstakes. Multiple entries by a guest and his or her family members will get automatically rejected.


First have your 5-minutes time, a laptop, your contact details, and receipt.

Now, visit the survey website, which is

Here, you have to enter the on the receipt details, which are as follows.

www thefreshmarketsurvey com ereceipts

  • Validation code
  • Time of visit
  • Date of visit

Now, you will be on the customer feedback survey page. You must answer the survey questions honestly as per your recently shopped experience at a Fresh Market Store. In the end, the participants must give their contact details to complete their survey successfully. As per the official fresh market rules, your answers and contact details will be confidential.

This is to make a guest give negative feedbacks too on the Fresh Market Store.

The official fresh market sweepstakes announce its winners. They will be intimated via their contact details.

The participants can also get the list of winners by contacting the Fresh Market Store head office.

Official Thefreskmarket Customer Satisfaction Survey Website Not Working

The fresh market survey’s official website is The site may show errors due to slow internet connectivity at your end.

During such a time, the fresh market feedback participants must not visit any other reference links as follows.

  • Market store surveys win
  • Any other store surveys
  • Grand prize through store surveys and enter cash sweepstakes
  • Online free card giveaways
  • Grocery survey instant win gift card giveaway
  • Chance to win grocery store retail survey

The Fresh Market Store is not responsible for such customer ignorance. It is advisable to wait for some time and try again later. It will be better to contact (336) 272-1338 and inform you about the website issues. They take customer feedback and respond immediately.

Thefreshmarketsurvey Sweepstakes Winners

Fresh market customer experience survey participation does not promise every guest for the sweepstakes to win a fresh market gift card worth $500. The fresh market customer experience survey winners will be announced in that period itself. The fresh market customer satisfaction survey participant can get the list of winners by contacting the head office of the fresh market store.

Fresh Market Store Guest Satisfaction Survey Reviews

It is advisable to read some Fresh Market Store customer satisfaction survey reviews online. They are either a first-time customer or a regular customer. The real-time customers only review them and do posts on social media sites. If you have not visited this store, the reviews on them will take you to visit once. This will ensure that they are not a scam.

Next time your visit to a fresh market near your place can make you enter into survey sweepstakes and win $500. Therefore save your receipt and participate in an experience survey or guest feedback survey. Your customer feedback will help them to provide better services. That is why they are taking feedback survey from its customers.

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