Wendy’s Survey – Get A Free Sandwich [Step By Step Guide]

About Wendy’s

In the year 1969 Dave Thomas started a small restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, the U.S. It was named Wendy’s Restaurant. Their business logo is a girl with a smiling face. Now, they are the 4th largest restaurant chain in this world. They are popular for their special food menu, beverages, and ice creams. Today they have crossed more than 6,000 storefronts across the globe. Still, you can find a rush of people to eat their free sandwich. It is not just free. Yet, they do it by participating in Wendy’s survey. In this way, the foodie’s people love to eat at Wendy’s and get free food too. Here we have discussed how to participate in this free online survey.

Wendy’s Survey

Know About Wendy’s Survey Rules

The Wend’s survey rules are set by the Wendy’s Company. They are subject to changes. The company will inform such changes on their official website. It is advisable to read the latest survey rules. Here we have listed the latest update on the survey parts as per their website.

Age Limit

The people who are above 18-years old can only participate in Wendy’s survey.


He or she must be a citizen of the USA.

Food Receipt

He or she must have a food receipt to participate in this survey. You will get a food receipt when you eat food at Wendy’s restaurant.

The Internet & Internet-enabled Devices

You must have a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or a PC to access the official website of the Wendy’s and participates in their customer satisfaction or feedback survey.

E-mail ID

You must have a valid and active e-mail ID to receive Wendy’s Coupon.

The Validity of Wendy’s Gift Coupon

The survey winner must use this coupon at any of Wendy’s restaurant within 30-days.

How to participate in Wendy’s survey ?

Wendy’s survey is also familiar with two names.

  • Wendy’s Wants To Know Survey
  • Talk to Wendy’s Survey

First, visit site www.wendyswantstoknow.com

Now, select the preferred language as English or Spanish.

Next, be ready with your Wendy’s food receipt to enter the following details.

  • Restaurant Number
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

wendys store number for survey

After entering the receipt details, you will enter the survey page.

Here, you have to answer the questioner.

Submit the questioner by giving rating and ranking too.

Now, enter submit and check your e-mail for a gift coupon.

It hardly takes 5-minutes to fill the online survey form. However, you must have a good typing speed. Other may take 10 to 15 minutes to fill the survey form online.

Wendy’s Survey Page Not Working

If you find any page error, you can try it after some time. However, Wendy’s food receipt is valid for a one-time survey only. If the page is not working, you need not worry. Your answer will not be saved. You can re-enter once again and complete the survey. You must visit the official website of Wendy’s Company only. They will not entertain you to go with a scam website in the name of Wendy’s Survey. It is advisable to call 615-764-3489 and inform the site issue. They will track your complaint and give feedback too.

Wendy’s Survey Winners 

The Wendy’s Company announces its winner within 30 to 60 days. The winner will get a call from the customer care and notification over e-mail too. This is how they care for their customers. There are many winners now enjoying tasty and delicious foods at Wendy’s with the gift coupons alone. They are regular customers now. You can also try your luck next time you wish to eat from a branded restaurant chain. There are also many winners, who have had their food for the first time in a Wendy’s restaurant.

Wendy’s Survey Reviews 

If you do not know much about this international food chain restaurant, you can read the online reviews. It will give the feedback of its real-time customers.

You can check their rating and ranking too. Reading such reviews will make you sure that they serve quality foods with the best in customer service too.

Wendy’s survey is the first thing you do after having food from that restaurant. Who knows, you will be the next winner. You can taste their signature foods, which you might not have tasted before. It is advisable to come with your friends and family to have food and get a receipt. That receipt can bring back to the Wendy’s once again by winning the gift coupon.

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