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From the 1940s to date, Mcdonald’s have served more than millions of customers across 100-countries. They made it possible by taking feedback from its customers by conducting McDonald’s survey. Here, we have given its survey details of how to participate in the McD voice online. If you visit regularly or not Mcdonalds, you can win a free meal, egg McMuffin and quarter pounder hamburger by saving the bill and take a mcdvoice customer satisfaction survey.

Pre-requisite for taking part in McDonald’s survey on www.mcdvoice.com

Age Limit

He or she must be 15-years old at the time of participation in the mcdvoice survey.


The survey participant must be a national of the USA or from the District of Columbia to take a market survey on Mcdonalds online or offline. People from other nations must check such survey offers on the official Mcdonalds website.


McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey is only available in two languages like English or Spanish only. Thus, a survey participant must know either of the one languages to complete them online or offline.

Internet and Computer

You must have an internet-enabled device like a home PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone for completing the McDvoice survey online. Your ISP can be any, yet you must have good speed to do this survey online.

Purchase Receipt

It will help you if you have a purchase receipt from any of the Mcdonalds outlets present in the USA. You can find a code printed on them, which is your entry to McDonald’s food survey. There are not purchase limit or particular food and beverage items you have to buy to take part in McDonald’s customer feedback survey.

The validity of Mcdonalds Purchase Receipt

It will help if you use the bill within seven days to complete the market survey on Mcdonalds. In the same way, you have to redeem the McDonald’s survey validation code within 7-days from the date of survey completion.

www.mcdvoice.com survey receipt survey questions

Survey on Mcdonalds is a multiple-choice questionnaire. It is easy to put a tick mark with a simple click from your mouse button. It will help you if you refer to some of McDonald’s questionnaire pdf, which is available in online survey forums and reviews.

The questions are related to the customer’s satisfaction levels. It’s required to rate your experience at McDonald’s. The rating is between 0 t0 5. The number 5 means highly satisfied and 0 means you are highly dissatisfied. The survey questions will be asked regarding the speed of service, order accuracy, Part of the food, and furniture of the restaurant amongst others.

Survey Prize

What is the McDonald’s survey offer will be an interesting question for all McDonald’s survey seekers? The company sets the sole decision of the distribution of prizes, offers, and discounts. However, you will get quarter pounder cheeses, French fries or a free meal after successful or completing the survey by visiting the official, Mcdonald’s survey site. The winner cannot exchange their receipt and code. You cannot get cash instead of free food from a McDonald’s restaurant.

Restriction for Mcdonalds Employees

Participation in the mcdvoice is restricted for McDonald’s employees and their family members.

Frequency to Take Part in Mcdonald’s Survey

Any eligible McDonald’s customers can do five surveys per month. However, it will help you if you check for twenty-six digit survey codes that are present on the McDonald receipt.

How to do a Mcdonalds customer satisfaction survey online?

You can start the survey at www.mcdvoice.com if you find you are eligible.

www mcdvoice com survey receipt survey questions

  • First, be prepared with your internet-connected Smartphone or laptop, 26digit survey code and your time to take the McDonald customer feedback survey.
  • Visit, www.mcdvoice.com survey
  • Next, click your language preference as English or Espanol.
  • Now, read McDonald’s survey terms and conditions before you start answering the questionnaire on McDonald’s for employees and food quality.
  • Next, enter the 26-digits code printed on the receipt survey.
  • Now, give your honest opinion as your visit Mcdonalds recently.
  • After answering all questions, you are now completing the mcdvoice by submitting the food quality, McDonald’s outlet’s services, mcdvoice pros, and mcdvoice cons.
  • Next, you will get an auto-generated survey validation code. Mcdvoice customer must note it down on their respective Mcdonalds restaurant receipt to redeem them within a week.

Hence, you have completed and won a gift by taking part in McDonald’s survey at www.mcdvoice.com. If you regularly visit Mcdonalds, you can take part in 5-times in McDonald’s food survey a month. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get some McDonald’s survey voucher through your survey on www.mcdvoice.com.

Other Mode of Taking Part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey

Your favourite Mcdonalds chain of the restaurant allows all customers to take part in their customer surveys online or offline. Customers who are not with an internet-enabled device can go offline and do this survey by post, e-mail or over the phone. It is advisable to contact 1-800-244-6227 and inquire. They will tell you about the present offline survey options available as of now. It will help you if you do as per their suggestion. In this way, you can win a free hamburger, muffin, or a special meal from any of the mcdvoice.com restaurant.

Www.mcdvoice.com Not Working

It will help you if you visit the official website or mcdvoice.com survey. If any 404-error, it might be internet-related issues at your end. Meanwhile, you must not try any McDonald’s survey hack. In case, mcdvoice.com survey official site is not working; you have to call Mcdonalds customer care number 1-800-244-6227. They will help you to help in resolving any technical and non-technical issues in visiting the official mcdvoice survey. This is because; by taking, you must get a survey code. If McDonald’s survey code is not generated, you must wait for some time without refreshing the current page.

Final Words

You might have brought some food from the drive-through, take away and by dining at any of the Mcdonalds restaurants. However, you can win a free meal or a hamburger by saving the receipt. It is advisable to see the receipt is with a survey code. If yes, you can participate in these customer surveys five times a month. This is a great guest satisfaction option given by the company. Hence, you can suggest some improvement if any and avail their esteemed food services by answering their food survey questioner. McDonald’s guest satisfaction survey is not a scam. They reward their guests and see that they are repeated by McDonald’s customers.

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